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ugh! yesterday was not my day!

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I went to my doctor yesterday for a follow up appointment. It was nothing serious but I will require a minor surgical proceedure that can be done in the surgeon's office in probably less than 10 minutes. While I was there they weighed me which is pretty routine for a doctor's office. I weighed in at a whopping 141.5 lbs! HOLY CRAP. So since my description is no longer accurate I need to update it to reflect all the changes and make it more accurate. I thought I had gained between 5 and 7 lbs I never expected that I had gained 12 lbs. It was a big surprise that's for sure. included in this post is a recent pic of me taken may 6th 2014. 

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Love it when my house is clean

It feels more comfortable and more inviting when it's kept neat and clean. I'm sure there are plenty of people that would agree with me on that. 

Since it's done for the day it's one less thing for me to worry about. Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my day and I hope anyone reading this enjoys their day as well. 

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Old man winter go away!

for crying out loud it's the middle of April. This winter was rough and now it seems winter just wants to hang on. It's supposed to be spring now and I'm fed up with the snow and cold. Enough already! bring back the sunshine and warmer air! I hate winter and the crappy cold weather that comes with it and I hate it even more when we get that crappy weather when it's supposed to be spring time. Oh well at least it will warm up again pretty soon. I just can't help but think old man winter needs to take a hike!

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Doing very well

I have enough cash to cover the rent and deposit on the apartment but I still need to make sure I have enough to cover the Uhaul truck and have something left in my pocket after the move. Nobody likes to be totally broke right? I know I don't. That's why I have a job in addition to escorting. I work webcam in the evenings and I am going to sign up to be a phone sex operator. I signed up previously with niteflirt but I never got a single call so I decided to stop wasting my time with them. I'm going to sign up with phone actress once I get moved and settled in. I need to make sure I always have a minimum of 500.00 per week coming in. That will ensure that I can afford my apartment with or with out escorting. 

What I like about escorting is it allows me to have some extra cash in my pocket after I pay the bills. It has also made it possible to pay the bills. 

What I don't like about escorting is the the problems it seems to cause me with landlords. This is the reason I've had to move so often through out the years. I don't like to move. My solution to this problem is save up as much money as possible while living in my new place and once I have enough saved up I will buy a home. 

This is also my exit strategy. I want to buy my own home so I don't have to worry about anymore pain in the ass landlords or property managers and then buy another property ( a duplex or triplex) to rent out. This will be my source of income. I would have to charge enough…

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