Doing very well

I have enough cash to cover the rent and deposit on the apartment but I still need to make sure I have enough to cover the Uhaul truck and have something left in my pocket after the move. Nobody likes to be totally broke right? I know I don't. That's why I have a job in addition to escorting. I work webcam in the evenings and I am going to sign up to be a phone sex operator. I signed up previously with niteflirt but I never got a single call so I decided to stop wasting my time with them. I'm going to sign up with phone actress once I get moved and settled in. I need to make sure I always have a minimum of 500.00 per week coming in. That will ensure that I can afford my apartment with or with out escorting. 

What I like about escorting is it allows me to have some extra cash in my pocket after I pay the bills. It has also made it possible to pay the bills. 

What I don't like about escorting is the the problems it seems to cause me with landlords. This is the reason I've had to move so often through out the years. I don't like to move. My solution to this problem is save up as much money as possible while living in my new place and once I have enough saved up I will buy a home. 

This is also my exit strategy. I want to buy my own home so I don't have to worry about anymore pain in the ass landlords or property managers and then buy another property ( a duplex or triplex) to rent out. This will be my source of income. I would have to charge enough rent to make a profit though otherwise I would just be spinning my wheels.