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I could always use more exposure. I find the best way to get this exposure is to post ads. There are many sites out there some with more traffic than others. I like the following sites:

  The following sites I do not like but some I use in spite of my dislike for them:
Any provider can tell you the more exposure you have the better. More clients see your ads, more clients contact you, more clients make appointments.

This is where screening is necessary. The more exposure you have the more clients see you great! but it also means there is a higher chance of law enforcement seeing the ads as well and nobody wants to get busted. Providers also would like avoid mentally unstable clients, and serial killers. We also would like to avoid those undesirables who try to low ball us and then threaten to "turn us in" when we don't go for it or those who try to low ball us and then threaten to tell our leasing office (for those of us who work out of our homes) we screen for our safety and yours. By keeping ourselves safer we are also keeping you safer. You wouldn't want to see a provider and then later on find yourself the target of an investigation would you? Here is a good example: you see several ads you contact provider A and she screens so you…

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HTML code is a pain in the ass

 Trying to figure out HTML code is a pain in the ass for someone who doesn't know the first thing about it but I finally got it! I had help though! trust me a link that says click HERE to view my website is going to make some people curious and they will click it just to see what it is. Some may want to make an appointment and some may want to just close the page. I say it depends on the person.

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Welcome to My Blog

Hello darlings,

Welcome to my blog! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on my life as an independent escort. I'll be posting regularly, so check back often to learn more about me.

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